CSA: Week 6

I’m a little behind with my CSA pictures. Here’s two weeks ago: potatoes, leeks, flowers, garlic, zucchini, candy onions, salad greens, and I can’t remember what else! Everything is really good – the potatoes, onions, and zukes were all very tasty. I’ll put up a menu (what I can remember of it) soon.



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2 responses to “CSA: Week 6

  1. That is a lot of garlic! I’m curious if you like those purple potatoes. I’ve found that they are really different. Enjoy.

    • I know! And every week we get more garlic. Thankfully they’re not too perishable, so we have plenty of time to enjoy it.

      The potatoes were very tasty. We blanched them, and then fried the smaller ones whole to have with garlic aioli. The larger ones were sliced and fried for an omlette.

      I admit that I wasn’t really paying attention to the differences between the purple and the white. Next time I’ll have to remember to note the differences!

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