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Notre ardoise: August 21, 2010

The pulled pork was bumped from the last menu, so it turned into a very meaty week!


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CSA: Week 11

Here’s a smattering of our week’s share.

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Notre Ardoise: Aug 14 – 20, 2010

The return of the ardoise! We ended up rearranging most of it, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that we had a plan at all!

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CSA: Week 10

By the time I got home and settled on Wednesday, it was dark, hence the ugly inside pictures. What a difference outdoor light makes!

We’re making refrigerator pickles with the cucumbers, a baby caprese salad with some of the cherry tomatoes, and gumbo with the okra.

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Poor April, May, and June Goals

We started off the year ambitiously with 6 goals to accomplish in the first 6 months of the year.

In January, we attacked our food waste. Coming off the holidays it felt pressing to get this under control. 8 months later and I don’t feel like anything has changed. That’s fine since really, I don’t think it’s that much of a problem for us. Sometimes we don’t get to leftovers fast enough, pantry items go bad without our noticing, but on the whole we use food in a way my grandma would be proud; stale bread turns into breadcrumbs, vegetable bits turn into stock before they go to the compost, and unused separated egg parts are frozen for other recipes. I blame this goal on holiday glutton’s guilt and declare it achieved!

February’s breakfast goal was the most successful by far. We’re still eating breakfast every day. Breakfast planning has become ingrained and even survived the lately fail of other meal planning.

Snack planning in March wasn’t well documented, but is so much ingrained now that I can’t remember why this was ever a goal? I visit the vending machine maybe once a month because I have a craving for something particular (like peanut M&Ms the other day), but otherwise I have planned snacks. Just by drawing attention to it, this goal achieved itself.

And then the goal reaching stopped.

April was supposed to be devoted to spending less time on weeknight cooking, but it ended up starting a trend of spending less time on this blog.

May was supposed to reign in our food budget and June was slated for recipe organization.

I would still like to reach these goals before the end of the year, so I’m restarting the goals! For the rest of August I’ll think about quick dinners and try to post about it once or twice. (Hopefully this will be the kick we need to get back to our ardoise!) September can start organizing thinking (I’ve already made a little progress towards this) and then in October it’s budget time.

The picture at the top of the post is my first for the newly declared August goal! It is naked pasta and the idea came from Jamie Oliver. The recipe is simple: dump hot pasta on chopped garlic, stir with cherry tomatoes, torn basil, salt and pepper, and lots of good olive oil. Fini, as they say.

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CSA: Week 9

Small leeks, more garlic, purple potatoes, flowers, cherry tomatoes, cukes, torpedo onions, and some small beets. We have so much garlic, I think I’m going to roast some bulbs. Anyone have good ideas of what to do with roasted garlic?


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