Notre Ardoise: September 4, 2010

Some items were moved around this week, but the plan was flexible enough that it all worked. Grilling chicken over the weekend made a quick weeknight meal. Mental note that spring rolls, although not cooked, are not quick. This can only be a weeknight meal with two people chopping and rolling. There has been so much food this week that we have to eat leftovers tonight and save sambar for tomorrow. Halwa was bumped from last week (I should write a post about my breakfast halwa… it’s based on a suji halwa recipe, but altered to be more breakfast appropriate!)



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4 responses to “Notre Ardoise: September 4, 2010

  1. Inge

    thanks for the b-day shout-out! 🙂

  2. Chicago fans

    A Les ardoises request: Can you post the recipe for the dum aloo (potatoes) dish that you guys make? Thanks!

    • Sure! I’ll do that this weekend. Without consulting the recipe, I think the only groceries you should need are about 15 little new potatoes, heavy cream, cooking onions, and some canned tomatoes. Maybe I’ll make some this weekend to put up a picture… it’s so good!

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