Notre Ardoise: October 2, 2010

Last week’s plan never made it to the ardoise, and now I can’t find the scrap of paper we worked from. So no meal update from last week. What I remember is that we each cooked an extra dish on Sunday for weeknight reheating – I made a gumbo and S made a ratatouille.

That worked so well that we (well, I) did it again this week. While S made the sambar I made soup, pizza dough, and baked tofu. The tofu was unfortunately too salty. It acted like a sponge in my soy sauce marinade. So the quest to make good baked tofu continues. Any suggestions?



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2 responses to “Notre Ardoise: October 2, 2010

  1. Chicago fans

    Ugh, I don’t know, I find tofu a tricky thing to bake. We did it crusted with some spicy cornmeal mixture, but I found it really bland. I have a recipe for a one that’s baked with BBQ sauce..and I figure you can’t go wrong with a good BBQ sauce. I’ll let you know if we do it and if it’s good.

    • I think I cooked it too long, too. They were dessicated little soy sauce sticks.

      On the other hand, the broiled polenta last night also resembled dessicated little sticks, but they were delicious.

      I wonder if broiling tofu is the way to go?

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