Notre Ardoise: Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! To prepare for Thanksgiving, we’ve been cooking all week (that’s how I have time to post this today!). Here’s what we’ve been eating since Saturday, along with our T-day prep tasks, followed by our Thanksgiving day ardoise.

Sat 11/20 Asian style scallops over rice with clementine and asian pear salad

Sun 11/21 (Happy Bday Mom!) Broccoli rabe pasta

Mon 11/22 Spinach lasagne
T-day prep: make cranberry sauce

Tue 11/23 Curry roasted cauliflower with rice, yogurt, pickle, and salad
T-day prep: bake dinner rolls

Wed 11/24 Leftover cauliflower with naan
T-day prep: pumpkin cheesecake (A) and bnut squash soup (S)



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6 responses to “Notre Ardoise: Thanksgiving 2010

  1. Chicago Fans

    Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Ardoises clan & readership!

    Everything on your T-day menu looks so yummy! Tossing green beans in vinagrette is my favorite way to eat them.

    So, how did your pumpkin cheesecake turn out? And how was the cranberry sauce? Recipes, please!!

    • The green beans were a highlight. S made the vinagrette super thick so it really coated the beans.

      The cheesecake was very good. It was a Cook’s Illustrated recipe, and as they promised the result was very mousse-like. It had an airy whipped texture rather than the usual heavy cheesecake density.

      The cranberry sauce is a recipe from the Barefoot Contessa that I’ve made for several Thanksgivings now (cranberry conserve). I never thought I liked cranberry sauce until I tried this recipe.

      Hope your T-day was equally as delicious!!

  2. Pedro & Lily

    Wow, your menu looks quite fantastic. This is our first visit to your blog. Be prepared for insightful and mind-blowing commentary.

  3. Chicago Fans

    one more question: what’s your method for the curry roasted cauliflower?

    • I cut up a head of caulflower, tossed it with olive oil and curry powder, then roasted it at 400 until it had some brown spots.

      I thought the curry powder made it taste sweet (S thought it was the garlic pickle that accompanied), so next time I’ll probably just use a combo of coriander/cumin/tumeric/cayenne.

      The result was a lot easier and less oily than our usual pan fried yellow cauliflower. I recommend it!

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