CSA roundup 2010

I haven’t posted a CSA picture in a long time. During the second half of the 22 week season it became harder to take picutres in full sunlight so I lost my motivation. I don’t know exactly which weeks these are from, but here are the last two pictures I have from our Stoney Lonesome Farm share.

Overall we were very pleased with our share this year. The variety, quality, and value were all good. Quantity was usually just about right for us. We were inundated with cucumbers in a bad way and tomatoes in a good way. We already had cucmbers coming out of our ears from the garden, so we ended up composting a lot. Our cukes were not a pickling variety, and by the time I’d get around to pickling the farm cukes they were past prime.

On the positive side, I’m tempted to say the tomatoes made the whole season worthwhile. They’re farmers market gold, so we usually eat them sparingly. It was such a luxury to have the counter covered in farm tomatoes.



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