Notre Ardoise: January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! On New Year’s Eve, we watched a Stars Wars marathon, drank champagne, and ate lots of snacky food. The food didn’t turn out very well because everything was prepared in a rush between movies. Oh well, priorities, I guess. Here’s what we ate:

Charcuterie and crusty bread
Jade dumplings (although I used the wrong wrappers and they were inedible!)
Smoked salmon from Maine and crusty bread (gift from Sunil’s boss)
Baked jalapeno poppers (Inge made these on Christmas Eve and they were delicious!)
Potato latkes (Cooks Illustrated recipe)
Garlicy/spicy shrimp

Our menu this week is slightly illegible. We had a small bowl of black-eyed peas on Saturday for good luck, but our traditional New Years dinner with collard greens and corn bread didn’t happen until Sunday. Pizza, ham and lima bean soup, black bean tostados, and ricotta gnocchi finish the week.

Over Christmas I had a request for more pictures and recipes – I’m going to try!


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