Notre Ardoise: February 19, 2011

A lot of people asked about the île flottante results. In a word, disaster. The meringue didn’t happen and we had dense little marshmallows with a hard candy topping and burnt pralines! As S’s father summarized, it was an île sinkante.

Nothing like following up an ambitious cooking disaster with another, so today I tackled mole. So far it’s looking a lot more promising (although 50% more labor intensive). I’m going to let the sauce sit for a couple days before we eat it.

In case anyone’s interested, I’m using a recipe Rick Bayless shared with Huffington Post after the Mexico state dinner last year.

Here’s the rest of the menu:



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6 responses to “Notre Ardoise: February 19, 2011

  1. Inge

    maybe your island was cursed! or maybe it never really existed in the first place…like it sunk to the bottom of the ocean during its final season or something…

    hope the mole turns out!

  2. Evelyn

    I hope you try it again. Maybe on a weekend.

  3. Evelyn

    Ooooh yeah Inge! like Brigadoon!

  4. I wish my island was that exciting! It was less creepy than Shutter Island, more dense than Gillagan’s island. Probably closer to a Survivor island than anything – just plain lame.

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