Notre Ardoise: April 2, 2011

No ardoise this week.

Last week we planned through Saturday to accommodate our house guests. The only picture I have to share is a tarte flambe we had a while back. The pizza we shared with our guests had a tarte flambe crust, so I guess it’s relevant.

Then on Sunday we had a social engagement and ate out.

So now it’s Tuesday and I’ve accepted that we have no plan for the rest of the week. So far we’ve had a stir-fry with random leftover veggies and some shaved meat from the freezer.

Tonight we had defrosted roast beef (which looks suspiciously like shaved meat when frozen) with a baked potato and peas and carrots (S did a lovely job cooking them with lemon zest and white wine).

For the rest of the week we might have a grilled veggie panini, Indian dal with spinach, polenta and tomato sauce, or some other brilliant concoction from the pantry/fridge/freezer.



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2 responses to “Notre Ardoise: April 2, 2011

  1. Evelyn

    It may not be planned, but otherwise you seem to be on target. Amazing will power! Congratulations!

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