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Farm veggies and retrospective ardoise

Lately we’ve been operating without a plan. We get veggies every Wednesday, and then cook according to what strikes our fancy every night. So far it’s been kind of refreshing and only a little frustrating. It’s a little hard to wing breakfast and lunch, but we haven’t gone hungry, yet. We’ve taken turns with dinner, and only eat a little later than usual.

I haven’t been in the mood to photograph our share every Wednesday night. Here is a picture from the first week, and then I lost interest after that.


So what have we been eating? Let me try to work backwards:

Tuesday June 28th: spinach pasta in marinara with a meatball from the freezer

Monday June 27th: fried green tomatoes and salad

Sunday June 26th: Moroccan swiss chard salad and leftover indian eggplant

Saturday June 25th: I was visiting a friend overnight and S had a stir fry- ribeye, beet greens, and carrots with a ginger/adobo/soy sauce

Friday June 24th: a whole carrot flatbread sandwich. S’s inspiration: a whole carrot tabbouleh (chopped up carrots with all their greens, dressed in olive oil and lemon juice) served on a pocketless pita with a yogurt sauce (strained yogurt, garlic, and mint). Very good.

Thursday June 23rd: complete hodgepodge – it was going to be a beet and potato salad, but I overcooked the potato. And then we were also going to have a green salad with chickpeas, but I thought it would be fun to saute the chickpeas in some homemade chana masala with pomegranate. Our plate ended up being a green salad with sliced beets, mashed potato with butter, and indian chickpeas. It was a mess, but pretty good nonetheless.

Wed June 22nd: Pasta in marinara with fresh herbs

Tues June 21st: Out with a visiting friend from college

Mon June 20th: Grilled veggie pizza (eggplant, squash, zucchini, spring onion)

Sun June 19th: Father’s Day out with S’s dad

Sat June 18th: BBQ with some friends (I brought a broccoli/chickpea/tahini sauce salad)

Earlier: potato kale casserole, potato Dauphinois, swiss chard quiche



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Nos Ingredients?: June 15, 2011

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New meal plan strategy

We’re having a hard time getting back into menu planning. May was a busy month and we didn’t have many meal plans, and then right when our schedules comed down, the veggie shares started.

This week we tried something a little different. Instead of planning, I listed two groups of ingredients: veggies and other perishables that needed to be eaten. Whoever is in charge of dinner can consult the list and whip something up.

I liked it for this week – seeing lists of ingredients made it easier to come up with meals and it helped control food waste. I’m not sure how well this will work for future weeks, though. At some point we’ll need to go to the grocery store and I like to know what to buy.

Here’s a picture as things stood on Saturday:

We ate a stir fry on Sunday with beet greens, snap peas, and garlic scapes. Monday night we had a quiche (with my new quiche pan – thanks, Inge!) with ricotta, chard and leeks. Last night we finished the salad with potato dauphinois.


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Notre Ardoise: June 4, 2011

After a long hiatus, we finally have a meal plan this week. May was a very hectic month so we ended up operating sans plan most of the time. Sometimes we’d have a partial plan in mind, but it never made it here. I’m glad life has resumed its leisurely pace.

I’m also glad that CSA pick-ups have started again! We get new veggies on Wednesday (probably a bunch of assorted greens), so the end of the week looks a little sketchy.


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