Notre Ardoise: June 4, 2011

After a long hiatus, we finally have a meal plan this week. May was a very hectic month so we ended up operating sans plan most of the time. Sometimes we’d have a partial plan in mind, but it never made it here. I’m glad life has resumed its leisurely pace.

I’m also glad that CSA pick-ups have started again! We get new veggies on Wednesday (probably a bunch of assorted greens), so the end of the week looks a little sketchy.



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2 responses to “Notre Ardoise: June 4, 2011

  1. gcroft

    Glad to see your meal plans are back. I’m still trying to keep mine going – sometimes we do go off track, like this week. Both of us have had poor appetites for some reason, and we’ve been having extremely light meals – last night was a bowl of fruit salad instead of the planned lamb curry! I’m sure we’ll be back on track next week.

    • Sometimes it’s good to go off track for a while! We’re experimenting with a new planning style that has a lot more room for flexibility. That’ll be the next post, coming up later this week!

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