New meal plan strategy

We’re having a hard time getting back into menu planning. May was a busy month and we didn’t have many meal plans, and then right when our schedules comed down, the veggie shares started.

This week we tried something a little different. Instead of planning, I listed two groups of ingredients: veggies and other perishables that needed to be eaten. Whoever is in charge of dinner can consult the list and whip something up.

I liked it for this week – seeing lists of ingredients made it easier to come up with meals and it helped control food waste. I’m not sure how well this will work for future weeks, though. At some point we’ll need to go to the grocery store and I like to know what to buy.

Here’s a picture as things stood on Saturday:

We ate a stir fry on Sunday with beet greens, snap peas, and garlic scapes. Monday night we had a quiche (with my new quiche pan – thanks, Inge!) with ricotta, chard and leeks. Last night we finished the salad with potato dauphinois.



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2 responses to “New meal plan strategy

  1. ellen

    i thought that said 62 cups of cooked rice. i mean i like rice as much as the next guy but jeez. how much uncooked rice would yield 62cups of cooked rice?

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