Farm veggies and retrospective ardoise

Lately we’ve been operating without a plan. We get veggies every Wednesday, and then cook according to what strikes our fancy every night. So far it’s been kind of refreshing and only a little frustrating. It’s a little hard to wing breakfast and lunch, but we haven’t gone hungry, yet. We’ve taken turns with dinner, and only eat a little later than usual.

I haven’t been in the mood to photograph our share every Wednesday night. Here is a picture from the first week, and then I lost interest after that.


So what have we been eating? Let me try to work backwards:

Tuesday June 28th: spinach pasta in marinara with a meatball from the freezer

Monday June 27th: fried green tomatoes and salad

Sunday June 26th: Moroccan swiss chard salad and leftover indian eggplant

Saturday June 25th: I was visiting a friend overnight and S had a stir fry- ribeye, beet greens, and carrots with a ginger/adobo/soy sauce

Friday June 24th: a whole carrot flatbread sandwich. S’s inspiration: a whole carrot tabbouleh (chopped up carrots with all their greens, dressed in olive oil and lemon juice) served on a pocketless pita with a yogurt sauce (strained yogurt, garlic, and mint). Very good.

Thursday June 23rd: complete hodgepodge – it was going to be a beet and potato salad, but I overcooked the potato. And then we were also going to have a green salad with chickpeas, but I thought it would be fun to saute the chickpeas in some homemade chana masala with pomegranate. Our plate ended up being a green salad with sliced beets, mashed potato with butter, and indian chickpeas. It was a mess, but pretty good nonetheless.

Wed June 22nd: Pasta in marinara with fresh herbs

Tues June 21st: Out with a visiting friend from college

Mon June 20th: Grilled veggie pizza (eggplant, squash, zucchini, spring onion)

Sun June 19th: Father’s Day out with S’s dad

Sat June 18th: BBQ with some friends (I brought a broccoli/chickpea/tahini sauce salad)

Earlier: potato kale casserole, potato Dauphinois, swiss chard quiche



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4 responses to “Farm veggies and retrospective ardoise

  1. Morrocan swiss chard sounds really good. Would love to see a recipe.

  2. The recipe is from Epicurious. It made too much “dressing” for the amount of chard we had. The end result was very lemony.

    It was a nice change of pace from our usual chard omlette, but did not blow me away. You should give it a try and see what you think!

  3. Evelyn

    really lovely veggies!

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