Some unexpected free time

Right now I should be getting ready for a wedding. A very good friend was supposed to get married today. In Delaware. Near the beach. Clearly that wasn’t going to happen, so the rehearsal lunch yesterday turned into a wedding reception, and the wedding rehearsal was the real thing. Everything came together at the last minute and it was a beautiful afternoon.

Afterwords, S and I heeded the evacuation orders and went straight home. Since I’m homebound, I thought now would be a good time to share some recent food pictures.

From early in the summer, here’s some grilled pak choi. This preparation was suggested by the farm. S whipped up a Chinese BBQ sauce for a glaze.

 As the summer progressed, we ate more cold dinners. I also started reading Choosing Raw, so many of my dinners were raw and vegan inspired if not techincally either. Here is a panzanella, kale salad, and zucchini roles with a tabouleh.

I had a panzanella salad at Rustico happy hour and did a good job (if I do say so myself) recreating it at home.

We’ve had this kale salad so many times this summer. I can’t wait until kale is actually in season again so we can have it even more. It’s a very hearty and delicious salad.

 Although I had the idea for zucchini rolls from Gena, I filled them with an almond and carrot spread from Ani Phyo.




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4 responses to “Some unexpected free time

  1. Evelyn

    would very much like the kale salad recipe. looks fabulous.

  2. Evelyn

    Took me a moment to wrap my dinosaur brain around the link, but ta da! iT worked. Here’s the kale recipe I came up with yesterday (not vegan): cook some fingerling potatoes in (chicken) broth, and then, using a largish skillet, take a little of it to wilt de-stemmed, chopped kale in. Arrange the potatoes in a single layer on top of the kale, top with grated gruyere and some herbed bread crumbs, and briefly broil. Serve with wild caught salmon and the wine of your choice.

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