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Notre Ardoise: October 15, 2011

Here is last week:

And here is this week:





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Notre Ardoise: September 24, 2011

I’m a little behind on ardoises! The September 24th menu has been on the fridge for a while:


The following week’s menu never made it up to the board, but this is what we ate:

Sat, Oct 1: kadu (afghan lamb and pumpkin dish)

Sun, Oct 2: shepherd’s pie (with buffalo)

Mon, Oct 3: pasta with tomato sauce and lots of herbs

Tue, Oct 4: roasted acorn squash with a cous cous pilaf (walnuts, scallions, herbs)

Wed, Oct 5: take-out Pete’s Apizza

Thu, Oct 6: hearty salad

Then on Friday we went to Philadelphia and ate out at a Chinese restaurant (I can’t remember the name, and we probably won’t go back). Saturday breakfast at the Dutch Eating Place, afternoon snack at Fare, and dinner at La Viola. Sunday brunch was at Sabrina’s Cafe, and then dinner back home was another pasta with tomato sauce and herbs. Pasta this time was fresh spinach fettucine from Superior Pasta Company.

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