Notre Ardoise: November 26, 2011

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

This was the menu at our house:

Smoked salmon
Herb-rolled goat cheese

Roast turkey
Cranberry sauce
Sage stuffing
Mashed potatoes
Green beans almandine
Asparagus in vinaigrette

Our guests brought ile flottante and pecan pie.

We ended up with a larger turkey than what we ordered, so you will notice a certain theme with the menu this week:



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6 responses to “Notre Ardoise: November 26, 2011

  1. Evelyn

    We always have turkey and cheese enchiladas.

  2. Inge

    You’re eating your cat on Wednesday?

  3. ellen

    i came in here solely to make a “Eating your cat” joke. inge, you beat me to it. well done.

  4. inge

    I couldn’t resist. You can’t put Chola on the ardoise and not expect this kind of commentary from the peanut gallery.

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