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Notre ardoise: December 11, 2011

Here is a picture of the fig and persimmon salad from last week. Notice the new white plates (gift from my in-laws)! They make food look so attractive I am re-inspired to take pictures. Now I just need to finish cooking during daylight so the pictures look good!

I never got around to writing the ardoise this week. Here is what we had this week:

Sunday, December 11: Pizza and salad

Monday, December 12: Omlette with sausage and spinach

Tuesday, December 13: Broccoli and chickpeas with tahini sauce

Wednesday, December 14: Turkey burger with tzatziki sauce, cucumber, and red onion

Thursday, December 15: I get to have dinner by myself, so its mac and cheese with spinach!


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Notre Adroise: December 3, 2011

The cassoulet was light on the meat, heavy on the veggies.

The persimmon and fig salad is an idea from Peter and Lily – to make it a main course I will add nuts and some arugula. Hopefully it will be filling enough!

Not sure what pasta night will be – maybe pasta in a cream sauce. Depends which veggies are left at the end of the week.


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