Notre Adroise: December 3, 2011

The cassoulet was light on the meat, heavy on the veggies.

The persimmon and fig salad is an idea from Peter and Lily – to make it a main course I will add nuts and some arugula. Hopefully it will be filling enough!

Not sure what pasta night will be – maybe pasta in a cream sauce. Depends which veggies are left at the end of the week.



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2 responses to “Notre Adroise: December 3, 2011

  1. inge

    If all the members of your household ate cheese, I would suggest adding goat cheese crumbles to your fig salad. Nice to see the lunches make a return to the ardoise.

    • Yum, that would be good. It ended up not being filling at all, so we made a Wegman’s frozen pizza. Those have really gone downhill – I no longer recommend.

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