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Notre Ardoise: February 18, 2012

We were unexpectedly occupied last weekend, and so meal planning didn’t happen. I managed to scrape together a crock pot soup on Monday (a mediocre green pepper and ground turkey recipe from a grocery store ad that I found strangely appealing).

Tuesday we were again busy and grabbed Subway. Wednesday was a fend-for-yourself salad night. Thursday was an asparagus omlette for me while S stayed late at work. Friday was the highlight of the week with a bok choi and yellow bell pepper stir-fry.

Not a stellar week.

This week is very meat heavy. Our chicken from the winter farm share came thawed so we had to eat it right away. Saturday was a good grilling day and our favorite grilled food lately is flank steak. The rest of the meals are trying to use up various pantry and freezer food (BBQ sauce again from the winter farm share and frozen ham stock).


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Notre Ardoise: February 4, 2011

For the last two weeks, I tried to have super easy dinners. It worked pretty well. Potatoes were baked in advance while the chicken wings were cooking. Soup components were made on Sunday, too, and just assembled on their assigned night. Indian night was maybe the most time consuming, but using a pressure cooker for the dal cut down a lot of time.

Saturday Feb 4: S family dinner

Sunday Feb 5: Buffalo wings, asian turkey burger and salad

Monday Feb 6: baked potato with broccoli, bacon, sour cream

Tuesday Feb 7: hearty italian sausage soup

Wednesday Feb 8: yellow dal, spinach, cherry tomatoes, yogurt, and pita

Thursday Feb 9: hearty salad (romaine, spinach, shredded carrot, cherry tomatoes, sliced almonds)

Friday Feb 10: leftover Indian food, chapati, zucchini


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