Notre ardoise: February 25, 2012

Last week there wasn’t much of a meal plan.

We had a delicious dinner at a friend’s on Saturday.

On Sunday we made a lot of Indian food (dal, cholas, chicken tikka).

Monday night we had a chicken noodle soup using stock from our last roasted chicken. There wasn’t any chicken in the soup, but the stock was chicken-y enough.

Then Tuesday I went on a road trip to visit a friend. S had leftover Indian food. When I returned Thursday night we had spinach spagetti in marinara sauce.

It was nice to take a few days off in the middle of the week. Even nicer that it was spent making awesome cookies. They were super labor intensive, but I think well worth the effort.



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4 responses to “Notre ardoise: February 25, 2012

  1. ellen

    haha those are awesome!!!

  2. Evelyn

    Love the cookies! Saturday we had murgh masala (recipe from the book Minta brought me from India, The Food of India). Today I replenished my supply of homemade garam masala, and today I’m finishing up making my chicken stock.

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