Greens omelette

My omelets have more filler than egg, so when I flip them they look more scrambled than anything else. I used the rest of the turnip and mustard greens, then tore up one last slice of Swiss cheese over the top. Ate it with hot sauce and lots of toasted crusty bread.




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5 responses to “Greens omelette

  1. Evelyn

    I make my omelets on a square griddle, lay down the egg on a high flame, and then layer everything in i strip down the middle. Turn the flame off, fold the edged over, and then slide it off the griddle onto a plate. Works best on my griddle with three eggs. I make each individually.

  2. I am still trying to figure out the perfect omelette method. I like Evelyn’s approach. I’m not a huge fan of eggs, so I prefer more fillings than eggs. I should really practice more because it’s such an easy dinner idea.

    • Right, my “omelets” are sautéed veggies in the pan, then a little egg poured over the top to hold it all together. When it’s a little browned on the bottom, I’ll either fold it over or “flip” it over to make sure the egg gets cooks through. This is mostly out of laziness, since I don’t like to take the eggs out of the pan, then cook the egg, and add the fillings back in at the end! Maybe it’s more frittata-esque…

  3. Frittatas are baked, right? I want to get a very small cast iron skillet for making single-serving frittatas in the oven. Saute veggies, pour in a small amount of egg (and cheese) and bake in the oven. Have you tried this?

    • No, but I’m shocked that this appeals to you! You don’t even like eggs! Although, maybe what you’re thinking is like a crust-less quiche… Mom does that sometimes.

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